Christmas in Kanazawa

This is by far the most unique Christmas experience I”ve ever had. Not only did I spend it in another country, but it was also my first Christmas completely alone. This was the first trip completely organized by my efforts. This was distinctly my Christmas and no one else’s. Well, I should say I spent it solo instead of alone because “alone” implies that I … Continue reading Christmas in Kanazawa

Korankei Gorge

One of the many places I was told to visit in Japan (specifically regarding the Chubu region) was Korankei Gorge. Located near Nagoya, Korankei Gorge is hailed as the most scenic location for Fall colors in Aichi Prefecture. This valley helps form Mount Iimori where Kojakuji Temple is located.┬áDuring the 17th century, the head priest of Kojakuji planted some maple trees near the temple, prompting … Continue reading Korankei Gorge