Month of Ghibli

Like many people in the world, I have an undying affinity for Japan’s very own Studio Ghibli. The film production company has been one of the most outstanding pioneers in animation for over 30 years. The studio’s catalog possesses some of the greatest films ever made in the medium’s history. The whole filmography showcases incredible visuals, intimately relatable characters and damn near unforgettable stories. Studio Ghibli’s catalog is one long paintbrush stroke that happens to encompass multiple colors and brilliantly melds them together.
For a long time I had the idea of reviewing  a handful of Studio Ghibli films every January and calling it the “Month of Ghibli” series. However even I find myself unable to hold off reviewing the entire catalog for that long. Instead, I’ll review two Studio Ghibli films a month starting from this Friday. I’ll finish the entire catalog by the end of this year and then release my list of all the films ranked from least favorite to favorite by next January. I’m eager to review the legacy of such an important archive.


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