2016 in Review and New Years Resolutions

2016 was a dumpster fire.

Not necessarily from a personal standpoint, but for the rest of humanity as a whole. The endorsement of Brexit and the nomination of Donald J. Trump highlighted an important lesson for humanity: Don’t assume the power of the minority. Belittling those opinions doesn’t smolder them. It only fans the sparks.

 As an American, 2016 was particularly paralyzing considering the political and social divides that widened in certain pockets of the U.S. Gun violence seemed to only spike as distrust between law enforcement and pedestrians increased. Every act of violence was met with further violence amidst the confusion and outrage.

Another lesson to be learned here is that discussion is integral to common commununal goals. While not every goal on an individual basis can be met, understanding what can and can’t be done as a community is vital. As long as shell shock isn’t the immediate reaction to a social or political decision, then we can agree some level of communication was reached.

From my end, 2016 was a tale of two stories. The first half was spent integrating myself as an audio/visual technician for my alma mater. The second half was spent preparing for and assimilating into a Japanese lifestyle. I’ll admit the first half was a lot easier to navigate, but of course it would be compared to adapting to a whole new culture.

Towards the end of the I found myself consistently out of touch with reality and this stems from being our of touch with myself on a regular basis. My lack of productivity on this blog certainly served as a marker of that. I did a poor job in keeping everyone in the loop.

I have a lot of resolutions this year, some moderate and some lofty. The biggest one I hold in regards to this blog is the need to increase communication with everyone. With the preaching I just did on improving societal discourse, it’d be ignorant and hypocritical of me not to strive for improvement in that department myself. I have to increase my awareness and interaction with friends, family, strangers and my followers. This world has enough ignorant people in it. I can’t afford to add on to that number.

But social goals aside, I am genuinely looking forward to 2017 as I enter the next phase of my.life in Japan. No matter what your resolutions are, learn to enjoy what you have now. Happy New Years!


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