Hitting the Reset Button

I think it was fairly obvious that when I began my expedition to Japan I essentially gave up any plans to fall back into a familiar, comfortable setting. I decided that instead of staying home and relying on familiar surroundings, I would instead charge toward possibly the biggest challenge of my life thus far. I was tossing myself into the ocean with no life raft.

I hit the reset button on my life in a huge way and admittedly I’m not sure if I was fully prepared for it. As a result, there are times where I’ve felt this sense of stagnation since coming here. The sense that I’m not writing, exploring or learning nearly enough has been strong throughout my stay so far. There has been a notable lack of self-care these past two months and my work has suffered as a result of my negligence.

That’s purely by my own devices. I’ve let perfectionist ideals and excuses plague my lack of productivity and communication. A lot of the issues I’ve experienced here could be fixed with a few minor tweaks. This blog’s lack of activity is a blemish that I’m desperately trying to scrub off.

That’s why I’m in the process of setting new goals for this blog and for myself heading into the new year. I’ve learned that a lack of direction has forced me into a corner and has restricted me from expressing myself fully. In 2017 I plan on posting less about the lack of activity and more on what this blog is meant to focus on: my life in Japan.

2017 is a promising time for this blog and more importantly, me.



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