So, what is this all about?

Now that I’ve gotten my emotional, triumphant return post (or whatever you want to call it) out of the way, I’ll fill my readers in on what you can all expect from me in this blog.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m currently living in Japan and working as an English teacher. I’ve wanted to visit Japan for many years and now I have a chance to actually live and breath it. As such, I find it only appropriate to translate my experience abroad for those curious enough about it.

The blog will be an amalgamation of several topics. Obviously, I’ll post updates of life in Japan and my trials and tribulations as an language teacher. I’ll be traveling around Japan and some other Asian countries as well so you can expect pictures as well as some historical background.

As an admirer and student of Japanese culture, I take a liking to pop culture (and by liking I mean I probably have an unhealthy affection for it). I’ve been a geek to Japanese pop culture dating back to when I was four-years-old when I first started watching anime. I’ll be posting about my contact with the culture and might have time for a review of a show I like here and there. I may post about non-Japanese animated shows as well. I’ve grown to loveĀ animation as a whole thanks to my affection for anime. There’s too much art out there not to talk about.

That covers just the basics of what I’ll be posting about here. As the blog grows, so will the topics of discussion.


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