I want to be great. That sounds rather whimsical, doesn’t it? A Disney-esque manifestation, if you will. I think it’s quite silly myself, but I also find a lot of charm in that kind of defying of the gradual cynicism that ultimately festers within every human being as they age. Childlike wonder can’t be something we all keep forever, but I also believe that all … Continue reading 25

Who Are The Pillows?

Something I’ve learned in regards to pop culture is that there can be a separation of what Japanese people know as popular and what foreigners think is popular in Japan. I’ve been met with a lot of confused faces when mentioning certain anime that I know are well regarded overseas, but never had much of a following here. Classic examples include shows like Cowboy Bebop and Gurren Lagann. … Continue reading Who Are The Pillows?

Munekyun Gestures

Manga is quite possibly Japan’s most recognizable pop culture export. It embodies the spirit of Japanese traditional culture while also exploring eccentric comic characteristics. Manga is about storytelling more than anything, whether it’s fantasy or mundane. Shoujo Manga is one of the most prominent subgenres of the Manga universe. Shoujo means “young girl” in English and is primarily marketed towards, no surprise here, young girl. … Continue reading Munekyun Gestures