Who Are The Pillows?

Something I’ve learned in regards to pop culture is that there can be a separation of what Japanese people know as popular and what foreigners think is popular in Japan. I’ve been met with a lot of confused faces when mentioning certain anime that I know are well regarded overseas, but never had much of a following here. Classic examples include shows like Cowboy Bebop and Gurren Lagann. … Continue reading Who Are The Pillows?

Quick Album Reviews (4/13/2017)

Four years ago, I worked on a music blog with some of my best friends. It allowed me to work on my writing skills while I honed other techniques at college, but I couldn’t keep it updated much beyond my sophomore year. While I don’t devote nearly the same amount of time looking, harvesting and researching about new music as I used to, I still … Continue reading Quick Album Reviews (4/13/2017)

Month of Ghibli

Like many people in the world, I have an undying affinity for Japan’s very own Studio Ghibli. The film production company has been one of the most outstanding pioneers in animation for over 30 years. The studio’s catalog possesses some of the greatest films ever made in the medium’s history. The whole filmography showcases incredible visuals, intimately relatable characters and damn near unforgettable stories. Studio … Continue reading Month of Ghibli

New Years in Kyoto

For my first New Years in Japan, I wanted to experience the authentic Japanese-style celebration of the holiday. What better way to do than head to Kyoto, one of the best places to be for the Japanese New Year? Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, bears some of the richest of Japan’s history. Buddhist shrines, gardens, traditional wooden houses and imperial palaces decorate Kyoto. Known … Continue reading New Years in Kyoto

2016 in Review and New Years Resolutions

2016 was a dumpster fire. Not necessarily from a personal standpoint, but for the rest of humanity as a whole. The endorsement of Brexit and the nomination of Donald J. Trump highlighted an important lesson for humanity: Don’t assume the power of the minority. Belittling those opinions doesn’t smolder them. It only fans the sparks.  As an American, 2016 was particularly paralyzing considering the political … Continue reading 2016 in Review and New Years Resolutions

Hitting the Reset Button

I think it was fairly obvious that when I began my expedition to Japan I essentially gave up any plans to fall back into a familiar, comfortable setting. I decided that instead of staying home and relying on familiar surroundings, I would instead charge toward possibly the biggest challenge of my life thus far. I was tossing myself into the ocean with no life raft. … Continue reading Hitting the Reset Button